June 6, 2010

Hi Everyone

Happy Sunday afternoon to one and all : ) It might be hard for you to believe, but I am not a person who loves change -- I like things to be a certain way and I like them to stay that way and not keep changing every time I turn around. Although I am not crazy about change sometimes it takes me a while to get something just the way I want it so it doesn't have to keep changing and I am in that process with my blog right now. I think I have things figured out, but please be patient with me if I am not quite there yet.

Because of something I didn't understand when I signed up on Blogger I have changed my blog address slightly. I apologize to anyone who has added the previous address to a blog list and ask that you would be so kind as to change it to the new address. I will leave this address available for a little while, but all of my new posts will be at the new address -- I even transferred all of the posts you see here to over there -- I am so proud of my ever expanding computer knowledge. I really have learned a lot through this process of setting up my blog. I am also going to disable comments here at this address so please come over to the new one which is --

http://simplybeingme-telling my story.blogspot.com

If you have any trouble accessing the new address please feel free to email me at - talk2bettyanne@live.ca
I do look forward to meeting many new friends in this journey of blogging.

June 4, 2010

Pictures – Just For Fun

Last night hubby and I decided to do something fun together. We went to a mall for a quick supper at the food court and then gave ourselves about 45 minutes to separately walk through the mall and take pictures of 10 unique things. What we didn’t realize was that we would both feel very uncomfortable with cameras in hand looking for things to photograph – I think we were expecting the mall police to come after us -- but we did get a few nice shots and had some fun together.



Picnik collage-mall lights

Picnik collage-kids ride


P1050454 - Copy


                                                                                        Do you see the heart?


                                                                             Any guesses of what this is?

Picnik collage-mall lights-2

June 2, 2010


The spell checker does not like the title of this post, but that is just too bad – I think it is the perfect word for what happens when you visit a blog and then decide to visit a blog from their blog list or someone who left them a comment and then you end up on some one else’s blog and you do the same thing and so on until you really can’t remember where you started. When I do this I save a lot of blogs to my favorites bar and then go back later and sort through them to see which ones I will add to Google Reader and read whenever they post. I seem to do this every now and then to see what I can find. I have some  blogs that I have been following for about a year now and then there are others that interest me for awhile and then my interest fades. I find that you can only follow and really enjoy a certain number of blogs at a time so I check through my list making sure that it doesn’t get too big. Recently I stumbled on some photography blogs and am currently sorting through which ones will stay on my list. There are so many wonderful, beautiful blogs out there in blogland – enough for us all to choose the ones we like at the moment and spread our bloggy kind of love around.

That was a very long paragraph to let you know that I found this really cool idea on one of the blogs I hopped to recently. It is called ‘Team Up Thursday’ and I really like it. Two blogger friends started it in January this year and lots of others have joined them. You can find those first two here and here. I would like to do this – anyone out there want to be my partner ?


Because I have a hard time doing a post without a picture I will leave you with this Stuffy Friend that I made in April – just to give you a little smile : ) 

On A Rainy Afternoon


Watching this . . .


while eating this – mmm – tasty and healthy . . .


and then working on this – a very nice afternoon : )

June 1, 2010

Making Changes

I have changed my blog template -- it still has dandelions : ) The first one was putting limits on what I could do with my photos and my posts are all about the photos -- so I had to make some changes. I have learned a lot in this process and am having fun doing it, but it is way past supper time and I am hungry so I must take a break -- this post in case anyone tries to read my blog before I finish the changes -- so you know what's going on. Be back later.

Look What I Found


While taking a shortcut through the drugstore into the mall yesterday this jumped into my hand and decided to come home with me. I love books that have actual photos of colorful things AND I love ‘I Spy’ books AND I love reading to my grandson – so, this just had to be mine. Last night I went through each page finding everything, quite enjoying myself. Most things were pretty easy to find, but some were a bit of a challenge. Of course I took pictures to share my treasure with you : )