June 6, 2010

Hi Everyone

Happy Sunday afternoon to one and all : ) It might be hard for you to believe, but I am not a person who loves change -- I like things to be a certain way and I like them to stay that way and not keep changing every time I turn around. Although I am not crazy about change sometimes it takes me a while to get something just the way I want it so it doesn't have to keep changing and I am in that process with my blog right now. I think I have things figured out, but please be patient with me if I am not quite there yet.

Because of something I didn't understand when I signed up on Blogger I have changed my blog address slightly. I apologize to anyone who has added the previous address to a blog list and ask that you would be so kind as to change it to the new address. I will leave this address available for a little while, but all of my new posts will be at the new address -- I even transferred all of the posts you see here to over there -- I am so proud of my ever expanding computer knowledge. I really have learned a lot through this process of setting up my blog. I am also going to disable comments here at this address so please come over to the new one which is --

http://simplybeingme-telling my story.blogspot.com

If you have any trouble accessing the new address please feel free to email me at - talk2bettyanne@live.ca
I do look forward to meeting many new friends in this journey of blogging.

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