June 2, 2010


The spell checker does not like the title of this post, but that is just too bad – I think it is the perfect word for what happens when you visit a blog and then decide to visit a blog from their blog list or someone who left them a comment and then you end up on some one else’s blog and you do the same thing and so on until you really can’t remember where you started. When I do this I save a lot of blogs to my favorites bar and then go back later and sort through them to see which ones I will add to Google Reader and read whenever they post. I seem to do this every now and then to see what I can find. I have some  blogs that I have been following for about a year now and then there are others that interest me for awhile and then my interest fades. I find that you can only follow and really enjoy a certain number of blogs at a time so I check through my list making sure that it doesn’t get too big. Recently I stumbled on some photography blogs and am currently sorting through which ones will stay on my list. There are so many wonderful, beautiful blogs out there in blogland – enough for us all to choose the ones we like at the moment and spread our bloggy kind of love around.

That was a very long paragraph to let you know that I found this really cool idea on one of the blogs I hopped to recently. It is called ‘Team Up Thursday’ and I really like it. Two blogger friends started it in January this year and lots of others have joined them. You can find those first two here and here. I would like to do this – anyone out there want to be my partner ?


Because I have a hard time doing a post without a picture I will leave you with this Stuffy Friend that I made in April – just to give you a little smile : ) 


Anonymous said...

Hi there, loving your new-look blog! Very smart! I like bloghopping too and I think it's a really good word for it - maybe you'll make it into the next revision of the dictionary! Hmm, my blog's been a bit neglected recently, maybe now is a good moment to write a post...

jill said...

Hi Betty Anne! Glad you found me somehow through the maze! I know exactly what you mean...you start in one place and end up somewhere but have no idea how you got there. Bloghopping is a great word for it! I'm putting you on my blogroll right now!

cheri said...

Betty Anne - thanks so much for hopping my way! Love your blog and photography - looks like we have a lot in common!

Susan said...

Hi Betty Anne,
I realized this morning that I hadn't updated my bloglist so I had missed a few of your posts. I read FRUSTRATED and I tell you I am! I've been having the same problem! I find I must move every picture I post and the spacing is all messed uop! I thought it was just my computer since I'd had to have it fixed. This nonsense has been happening since I got it back! Did you find out anything? Anyway, misery loves company! It's nice to know it's not just me! :)
And yes, I love "bloghopping" myself. I can get very lost in the blog world. I've fallen asleep in front of my computer on many evenings! zzzzzzz