May 25, 2010

A Fresh Start

About this time last year I discovered blogs. I had known about them before that, but last April was when I discovered that there were so many  really great blogs out there by so many great people about so many things that inspired me. I felt connected somehow to others who in some way were like me -- sometimes it was in the things we liked or things we did or what we dream about --I felt like I was a part of something good. 

I quickly became quite addicted to reading  many of these blogs and then of course I had to have a blog of my very own. I actually started a couple blogs before settling on one which I blogged happily away on for a number of months. But, after a while I felt frustrated and wasn't sure why I was doing this whole blogging thing. I took some time off to sort through my thoughts and feelings about blogging, coming to the conclusion that I had strayed away from my original goal which was to have fun and just be me. I began to feel that I had to measure up to some invisible standard of what to write about and of how often I had to write instead of just writing because I enjoyed it. I had started out wanting to share my life and who I am, but somewhere along the way I lost track of that -- it may not have showed to those who were reading my posts, but I knew that something wasn't right.

So, I have said all that to say that I am making a fresh start.

I have been trying for much of my life to live up to others expectations -- trying to fit into a box that was just not the right size or shape. I am trying now to throw away all the boxes and  learn how to just be me. So in this blog I plan to express myself through words and pictures without having to do it the way I think is expected, but the way I want to. Sometimes I will post quite regularly and sometimes my posts will be more erratic.

Thank you for joining me on my journey of  "Simply Being Me".

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