May 28, 2010

Windows Live Writer

I called the computer wiz daughter last night and she was just as baffled as I was and although that still left me frustrated at least I knew I wasn’t just stupid because I couldn’t figure it out myself. This morning I had am email from my loving hubby with some blogger help sites – he is really a wonderful guy. Through a comment on one of them I decided to try Windows Live Writer. I did a test post before this and it was so easy and so fast and so not frustrating and it has some extra features like adding special effects to photos. If this post works the same I will be a definite convert. So here goes . . .

1981-2 Nov orange bowl-stirring

Just for fun I am posting some silly pictures of computer wiz daughter. I was able to crop this picture right here in the post as well as chose the size I wanted – and it was so easy : ) Oh – there is even spell check which is great for all the typos I make.

1981-1 Nov orange bowl on head

These pictures were taken in 1981 and scanned into the computer so the quality is not very good, but they still make me smile. I am going to try one more and then I really must go – adorable grandson is coming for a little visit.

1980 Aug 11

This is my loving hubby kneading bread for me when I was pregnant with the daughter in the above pictures – he really is a keeper.

I am so excited about this new way to post and would love to keep going, but I will be back later.

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Ellie said...

I really like your new look and am happy that you're back to blogging, having figured out what you want to do with your blog. The light green with dandelions really does look like a fresh new start. And your pictures are amazing! I look forward to many more posts. In connection with your meanderings, have you ever seen the book called, " Top 100 Unusual Things to See in Ontario." by Ron Brownn? You might enjoy it (see my blog entry of Sept. 30/09). Could you let me know where you found that Blogspot tutorial? I was totally frustrated with placing photos in my entries too. You used to be able to click and drag, but then they changed something. The way I do it is when you click on "New Post" or "Edit Post" you get a window with two tabs in the upper right hand corner. One says "Edit HTML" and the other "Compose". When you click on the "Edit HTML) it shows you all the behind-the-scenes coding and you can cut and paste your pictures and text there. If/when you learn how to insert links to other people's blogs or one of your own previous blog entries, could you let me know? I'd like to learn that.